Passport Intimidation

You'd be surprised to know how many adults don't have a passport. I mean it's not that big of a deal especially if you have no plans on going out of the country any time soon so this is more so for my "I've been meaning to get it" people out there. The top two reasons why people don't have their passports I hear the most is, it takes too long or its expensive. Listen... getting your passport is not that deep, just get it-- that way you don't have to miss out on a $498, all-inclusive, spur of the moment trip to Mexico.

Here's some facts about getting your passport that would probably ease your mind:

You can start the application online at

The cost: First time applicants, (adult) $135 plus an additional $60 if you choose to have it expedited.

It takes 4-5 weeks with no rush, expedited is 2-3 weeks or going to the agency is 5 business days. These are estimated times because the first time I got one with no rush and it took a couple weeks. The second time, I had realized I couldn't find mine and needed it ASAP, I pulled up to the agency and then picked it up the next day. 

They are very specific about your passport photo which can be taken by you for as long as you meet the requirements. Or you can go to places like the Post Office or like CVS or Walgreens. It's a bit cheaper if you do the drug store route over the Post Office. 

I wouldn't exactly waste my time with getting a passport card because it's limiting. The difference between the book and the card is the card is for land, the book is for land and air. So essentially, you can only travel to Mexico and Canada with the card. Get the book and you can travel to Mexico, Canada and the rest of the world!

Just go get your passport bruh!