Prep time

There's pretty much nothing to prep. 

Cook time

15 minutes or so


Cheese and spinach tortellini 

Chicken breasts

Garlic pasta sauce 


Italian cheese 

Minced garlic

Italian dressing 

Desired seasonings

Olive oil

What To Do

Here's a secret, I typically season my chicken (and a lot of other things) with Italian dressing!! 

Anyway, to start... boil water; be sure to season water and add a little olive oil to prevent pasta from sticking. Add pasta to boiling water. Cook time is about 7-9 minutes, make it 6. 

Next, put some olive oil in a pan, season and saut√© your chicken breasts until thoroughly cooked. 

In a large skillet, spray pan then add tortellini, fresh spinach, minced garlic and a little Italian dressing. Let simmer until spinach begins to shrink. Lastly, add about 1/3 or 1/2 of a 12 oz jar of sauce. This is not a pasta that has to be doused in sauce because this dish is not about the sauce... it's about the tortellini bih. 

Plate, sprinkle a little cheese on top and enjoy!